Q. What is a reprint?
A.  A reprint is a professionally printed copy of an article that appeared in a well-known publication. Reprints can be customized to include logos, company contact information and advertisements. Most are produced in full process-color, printed on 80# gloss stock and vary in size from a single 8.5” x 11” page to multiple page configurations.

Q. How will reprints help my sales and marketing efforts?
A.  Reprints provide exceptional marketing results. They serve as a third-party endorsement for your product/service/company. Think of it as a testimonial from an objective, reliable and trusted source.

Q. How and where are reprints typically used?
A.  There are many creative ways to utilize reprints, some of the most frequent uses include: handouts at tradeshow events; prospect follow-ups; direct mail enclosures; sales and training aids; and press release enhancements.

Q. Are there other applications for reprints?
A.  There are a number of unique reprint applications: ePrints (electronic reprints); posters, plaques, postcards; and framed prints.

Q. How do I make arrangements to order reprints/ePrints?
A.  It’s easy! Just contact our reprint marketing professionals and let them know which article(s) you’re interested in. They’ll take it from there. Our graphic designers create a layout and provide a proof for your approval. Your project is then turned over to our expert press/production team and within 8-to-10 days (standard turnaround) your reprint will be delivered per your instructions.

Q. What is a managed ePrint and how does it differ from a "standard" PDF?
A.  An ePrint is an electronic version of a printed article. As software programs have evolved, ePrints offer customers and publishers options that a PDF could not deliver. Whether you're interested in the number of times a specific article was opened, at what time of day by which host site; today's technology allows us to provide you with that information. It also assures that the information being posted on a website, or distributed by email, complies with copyright laws.

Q. How can a managed ePrint benefit my marketing efforts?
A.  Managed ePrints provide an opportunity to reach the growing online audience and gather valuable demographic information about the traffic to your website. By combining ePrints and reprints, an article gains additional exposure and market reach.

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