A reprint is a copy of an article that has been published in a well-recognized magazine. While there are many options available to customize a reprint; the value lies in the third-party endorsement/credibility a reputable publication provides.

Whether it is one page or 40-pages, custom reprints deliver your message and get results. Include a cover banner, logo, advertisement and/or highlight editorial content; and your audience will stand up and take notice of your effective marketing message.

Reprints Are Ideal For:
  • Trade Shows and Conference Handouts
  • Direct Mail Enclosures
  • Educational/Training Aids
  • Sales Presentations
  • Enhancing Press Releases
  • Recruitment Tools

    Unique Reprint Applications Include:
  • ePrints (electronic reprints suitable for website postings and email distribution)
  • Posters, Plaques, Postcards and Framed Prints
  • Flipbook(s) & Video

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